Ready-made Cool Retention Bag (Tape type)
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- Takeout-only packaging that requires freshness

- Keep coolness for 2-3 hours from store to home with adhesive tape cover.

- Cost reduction by replacing Styrofoam box.


Reinforced cooling power

By installing an aluminum film with excellent insulation properties, the cooling power has been strengthened by 20% more than the previous product.

Excellent buffering power

This bag is widely supplied as a shock absorbing and cushioning material. 

When used with an Icepack, the effect is doubled

If you use an ice pack in this cool bag, the cooling time is significantly extended.

Excellent durability

It protects the product from wind and rain when used outdoors such as camping or fishing.

Effective thermal insulation

Useful to keep the products not only for coolingeffect but also for warm status.