Background of Ice pack development

What is Nano Silver Technology?

Silver is not oxidized in water but has semi-permanent life of sterilization and antibacterial properties.

Nano Silver technology is to make nano sized silver particles and they are used by coating and mixing on the products.

(nano = 1,000th of hair size = nano meter= 1 billionth of a meter)

World First Nano Silver Antibacterial Ice Pack

Passed FITI test (National accredited Testing Lab)

Patent Registration for special coating technique & antibacterial deodorant function.

Patent No.10-0800611


Transport and storage - agricultural products, fishery, and livestock products.

Chilled transport and storage - animal vaccine and efficacy preservation.

Cold packs for pain relief – at the dentistry, plastic surgery, orthopedics, etc.

Great promotional ice in ice box during vacation season.